The Night will not draw on

Description for piano trio
Publisher Faber Music
Category Chamber Ensemble
Date 2008
Duration 00:10:00
Audio Extract
The title of this piano trio is taken from an essay in E.T.A. Hoffmann's 'Kreisleriana'. It is Hoffmann's description of Haydn's music: 'A world… of eternal youth, as though before the Fall; no suffering, no pain; only sweet, melancholy longing for the beloved vision floating far off in the red glow of evening, neither approaching nor receding; and as long as it is there the night will not draw on, for the vision is the evening glow itself illuminating hill and glade'. 'The Night will not draw on' was written for the Haydn Trio Eisenstadt's Haydn bicentenary project in 2009. John Woolrich This work was commissioned by 'Haydn2009' and is 'DedicatedToHaydn' (