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The Site Map

This is a list of all the active pages on this website.

Bold denotes top level pages. Unlinked pages are ones that are not immediately accessible via the main navigation menu.




> Dartington appoints John Woolrich as new Artistic Director (unlinked)
> John Woolrich has been appointed Professor of Music at Brunel University (unlinked)
> Aldeburgh English Song Project (unlinked)
> Mirepoix Musique (unlinked)
> John Woolrich Day at St John's Smith Square in London (unlinked)
> Andris Nelsons conducts Falling Down (unlinked)


> Brass and Wind Band
>> Sennets and Tuckets (unlinked)
>> Fanfare (unlinked)
> Chamber Ensemble
>> The Night will not draw on (unlinked)
>> The Lost Day of Return (unlinked)
>> The Iron cockerel sings (unlinked)
>> The Death of King Renaud (unlinked)
>> Suite from Bitter Fruit (unlinked)
>> String Trio (unlinked)
>> String Quartet No 2 (unlinked)
>> String Quartet No 1 (unlinked)
>> Stone Dances (unlinked)
>> Stealing a March (unlinked)
>> Spalanzani's Daughter (unlinked)
>> Songs and Broken Music (unlinked)
>> Sestina (unlinked)
>> Quiddities (unlinked)
>> Quick Steps (unlinked)
>> Oboe Quintet (unlinked)
>> My box of Phantoms (unlinked)
>> Music from a House of Crossed Desires (unlinked)
>> Light and Rock (unlinked)
>> Lending Wings (unlinked)
>> Leaving Home (unlinked)
>> It is midnight, Dr Schweitzer (unlinked)
>> In the Mirrors of Asleep (unlinked)
>> Going a Journey (unlinked)
>> From the Shadow (unlinked)
>> From the Book of Disquiet (unlinked)
>> Favola in Musica II (unlinked)
>> Favola in Musica I (unlinked)
>> Fantazia (unlinked)
>> Exploit in White (unlinked)
>> Envoi (unlinked)
>> Dartington Doubles (unlinked)
>> Cutting a Caper (unlinked)
>> Contredanse (unlinked)
>> Caprichos (unlinked)
>> Blue Drowning (unlinked)
>> Barcarolle (unlinked)
>> After the Clock (unlinked)
>> Adagissimo (unlinked)
>> A Shadowed Lesson (unlinked)
>> A Presence of Departed Acts (unlinked)
>> A Leap in the Dark (unlinked)
>> A Farewell (unlinked)
>> A Dramolet (unlinked)
>> A Cabinet of Curiosities (unlinked)
>> A Book of Studies Set 2 (unlinked)
>> A Book of Studies Set 1 (unlinked)
>> The Turkish Mouse (unlinked)
>> The Way Out Discovered (unlinked)
>> Three Arias for oboe and six viols (unlinked)
>> Three Fantasias for six viols (unlinked)
>> Three Macedonian Songs (unlinked)
>> Toward the black sky (unlinked)
>> Ulysses Awakes (unlinked)
>> Watermark (unlinked)
> Chamber Orchestra
>> Speed the going (unlinked)
>> Concerto for Orchestra (unlinked)
>> Come and Go (unlinked)
>> Cantilena (unlinked)
>> Arcangelo (unlinked)
>> A Curtain Tune (unlinked)
>> Three Pieces for Chamber Orchestra (unlinked)
> Choral
>> Spring in Winter (unlinked)
>> Paradise (unlinked)
>> Over the Sea (unlinked)
>> Little Walserings (unlinked)
>> Far from home (unlinked)
>> Earth grown old (unlinked)
>> A Hymn on Melancholy (unlinked)
>> A Hymn Against Despair (unlinked)
>> A Book of Elegies (unlinked)
>> The Old Year (unlinked)
>> The Rolling Years (unlinked)
>> The Years Glide Swiftly (unlinked)
>> This Change (unlinked)
>> Three Choruses (unlinked)
> Instrumental
>> The Kingdom of Dreams (unlinked)
>> Pianobooks I-VII (unlinked)
>> Pianobook XIV (unlinked)
>> Pianobook XIII (unlinked)
>> Pianobook XII (unlinked)
>> Pianobook XI (unlinked)
>> Pianobook X (unlinked)
>> Pianobook VIII (unlinked)
>> Pianobook IX (unlinked)
>> Locus Solus (unlinked)
>> Keepsake (unlinked)
>> Im ruhigen Tal (unlinked)
>> Four Pieces for Cello and Piano (unlinked)
>> Elegy (unlinked)
>> Dum Spiro, Spero (unlinked)
>> Darker Still (unlinked)
>> After Bach II (unlinked)
>> ...with land in sight... (unlinked)
>> ...that is Night (unlinked)
>> Three Capriccios for oboe (unlinked)
>> Three Pieces for Viola (unlinked)
>> Three Pieces for Violin (unlinked)
>> Through a Limbeck (unlinked)
> Opera and Music Theatre
>> In the House of Crossed Desires (unlinked)
>> Bitter Fruit (unlinked)
> Orchestral
>> The Ghost in the Machine (unlinked)
>> The Elephant from Celebes (unlinked)
>> The Barber's Timepiece (unlinked)
>> Tales of Transformation (unlinked)
>> Si Va Facendo Notte (unlinked)
>> Fanfarronada (unlinked)
>> Falling Down (unlinked)
>> Concerto for Viola (unlinked)
>> Concerto for Oboe (unlinked)
>> Concerto for Cello (unlinked)
>> Another Staircase Overture (unlinked)
>> Accord (unlinked)
>> A Litany (unlinked)
>> A Capriccio to Calliope Herself (unlinked)
>> The Street of Crocodiles (unlinked)
>> The Theatre Represents a Garden: Night (unlinked)
> String Orchestra
>> Italian Songs (unlinked)
>> In the stones (unlinked)
>> Capriccio (unlinked)
> Vocal
>> The North Wind (unlinked)
>> Serbian Songs (unlinked)
>> Poor Mr Snail (unlinked)
>> Ophelia Songs (unlinked)
>> Malicious Observer (unlinked)
>> Light and Rock (unlinked)
>> La Cantarina (unlinked)
>> Here is my Country (unlinked)
>> Harlequinade (unlinked)
>> Good Morning - Midnight (unlinked)
>> Four Songs After Hoffmann (unlinked)
>> Four Concert Arias (unlinked)
>> Five Italian Songs (unlinked)
>> Cascades (unlinked)
>> Black Riddle (unlinked)
>> Berceuse (unlinked)
>> Ariadne Laments (unlinked)
>> A Singing Sky (unlinked)
>> A Paper of Black Lines (unlinked)
>> The Sea and Its Shore (unlinked)
>> The Unlit Suburbs (unlinked)
>> Three Cautionary Tales (unlinked)
>> Three Songs for alto and six viols (unlinked)
>> Three Songs for mezzo-soprano and strings (unlinked)
>> To witness her Goodbye (unlinked)
>> Twisting that Lock (unlinked)


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